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Shani McKeown

Shani McKeown –
Medium and Tarot Reader

Hello, My name is Shani and welcome to my website. I am passionate about my work in helping others heal, find direction, understanding, clarity, purpose and to help people find their spiritual path and purpose through the tarot cards and Spirit World. I strive to educate people about the Spiritual World, to prove that life continues after death and our loved ones are right here with us more than we ever realise. 


My journey has brought my love of the Tarot Cards and Mediumship together, with my Spirit Guides showing me how to have them work together. I find that the psychic energy builds in a reading with Tarot Cards and my Sprit Guides also channelling messages and guidance. This allows the client's loved ones who have passed over to the Spirit World to come forward. I hear the loved ones (Clairaudient) more than I see them so they get my attention usually as I read a card and they will have something to say about the card before giving their story always with beautiful messages of love and guidance. 

There are no guarantees with Mediumship on who comes forward or if they choose to come forward on that day. Rest assured they will take every opportunity if it is right. 


Tarot Cards
Tarot Reading

Using my psychic energy with the cards and my Spirit Guides to bring clarity and guidance with your life stuff

Incense candle for Tarot Mediumship
Tarot Mediumship

The most popular reading beginning with Tarot Reading and allowing your loved ones to come though if they decide to and it is right.

Candles for Mediumship Reading
Mediumship Reading

Connect you to your loved ones who have passed over, bring healing and comfort knowing our loved ones are right here with us.

psychic development circle
Development Classes

Regular meditation and development classes to explore psychic skills and communication with our Spirit Guides. It is open to all levels and it is an individual journey. 

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